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Wraparound & Conferencing

What is Wraparound?

In the spirit of the popular belief, “It takes a village to raise a child,” Wraparound is an intervention strategy in which families are supported and encouraged toward their goals through the joint efforts of the people who are professionally or socially involved in their lives. The wraparound model is based on individualized, needs driven planning and services. It is not a program or a type of service. It is a value base and an unconditional commitment to create services on a “one kid, one family at a time” basis to support normalized and inclusive options for youth and families with complex needs.

Wraparound is not something that you “get”, it’s something you “do”; it’s a process, not a program or a service. These fundamental principles merge with a “whatever it takes” philosophy that embodies an unconditional commitment to team development, family empowerment and outcome based interventions.

Many times children and their families have needs that crossover agency boundaries. Therefore, interagency coordination is an integral part of the Wraparound planning process. It is essential that all services are developed cooperatively and become integrated into the Care Planning process.

A wraparound team shares responsibility, expertise, ownership and mutual support while designing creative services intended to meet an individual’s strengths and needs across all domains of life. Historically, families’ needs had to fit into categorical “one size fits all” types of available services. In wraparound planning, the needs of the family drive the services.

A Wraparound Plan is continually reviewed and modified based on the child and family’s developing strengths and evolving needs. Wraparound interventions are flexible non-categorical services and supports because the approach is multi-faceted, taking all aspects of the child and family history and current life situation into account.

What is Family Team Conferencing?

A key component of our Brevard C.A.R.E.S. program is the concept of Family Team Conferencing, providing families with natural supports that help them to develop and implement plans to ensure their stability and the health and welfare of their children.

The documents below will help you better understand how FTC and the Wraparound concepts work.

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