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Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures


*GOV BC 1000 Conflict of Interest
*GOV BC 1001 Ethics Policy
*GOV BC 1002 Board Governance Model
*GOV BC 1003 Board Recruitment
*GOV BC 1004 Executive Director Appraisal Process
*GOV BC 1005 Executive Session
*GOV BC 1006 Human Subject Research
*GOV BC 1007 Internal Controls
*GOV BC 1008 Signature Authority Policy For Signature
*GOV BC 1009 Fundraising Management Policy
*GOV BC 1010 Board Donations
*GOV BC 1011 External Communication
*GOV BC 1012 Board Member Role
*GOV BC 1014 Risk Management
*GOV BC 1015 Nepotism
*GOV BC 1016 Board Self Assessment
*GOV BC 1017 Sunshine Compliance
*GOV BC 1018 Moral Character
*GOV BC 1019 Strategic Planning
*GOVBC1020 Environmental Conservation
*GOVBC1021 Election of Officers
*GOVBC1022 Accounting Practices
*GOVBC1023 Budget
*GOVBC1024 Bank Account
*GOV BC 1025 Restrictive Behavioral Management Policy

OP BC 1000 Crisis Communcation Plan
*OP BC 1001 Service Planning Coordination and Family Team Conferenc
*OPBC1002 Assessment and Strength Discovery
*OP BC 1003 Utilization Management System
*OP BC 1004 Referrals that Do Not Fit Entrance Criteria
*OP BC 1005 CARES Access to Services Screening and Intake
*OP BC 1006 Transition from Dependency System
*OP BC 1007 CARES Personnel
*OP BC 1008 Documentation
*OP BC 1009 CARES Custody Not Established Services to Immigrants or Refugees
*OP BC 1010 CARES Closing Procedure
*OPBC 1011 Families Referred Recurrent Times
*OP BC 1012 CARES Case Review
*OP BC 1013 Service Philolosophy and Recidivism Assessment
*OP BC 1014 Critical Incident Report
*OP BC 1015 CARES Service Monitoring and Re Assessment
*OP BC 1016 CARES Aftercare and Transition Planning
*OP BC 1017 CARES Services Provided to Employees
*OP BC 1018 CARES Intensive Case Management and On Call Procedure
*OP BC 1019 CARES Flex Funds
*OP BC 1021 Visitor Identification and Access
*OP BC 1022 Employee Safety Procedure
*OP BC 1023 Promotion of Health and Safety including Facility and Tools Maintenance
*OP BC 1024 Volunteers and Student Interns
*OP BC 1025 CARES Family Support Case Tracks
*OPBC1026 FSFN Documentation
OP BC 1027 Child Protective Investigators Flex Funds
*OP BC 1028 Rights and Auxiliary Aids Plan for Persons with Disabilities and Limited English Proficiency
*OP BC 1030 Head Start Delivery
OP BC 1031 Initiating Fundraising Events
*OP BC 1032 CARES Determining If A Fundraising Event is a Joint Activity
*OP BC 1033 Post Adoption Supports
*OP BC 1034 CARES Non Judicial In Home Services
OP BC 1035 Targeted Case Management Case Load Limitations
*OP BC 1036 Performance Quality Improvement
*OP BC 1037 CARES Client Handbook Distribution
*OP BC 1038 CARES Vehicle Safety and Usage
*OPBC1039 Behavior Support and Management
*OP BC 1040 Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Operating Procedure
OP BC 1041 Confidentiality of Child Welfare Case Records
OP BC 1042 Child and family Records Management
*OP BC 1043 CARES Quid Pro Quo
*OP BC 1044 Cribs for Kids Procedure
OP BC 1045 Target Case Management Supervision Logs
OP BC 1046 Children and Adult Targeted Case Manager and Supervisor Certification
*OP BC 1047 Family Support
*OP BC 1048 Safety Management Team Services
*OP BC 1049 CARES Mobile Response Team

Risk Management and Quality Assurance
*RQ BC 1000 CARES Record Retention and Destruction
*RQ BC 1001 CARES Whistle Blower Protection
*RQ BC 1002 CARES Client Grievance and Appeals
*RQ BC 1003 Client Rights and Responsibilities of Families and Children
*RQ BC 1004 Risk Asssessment Process and Cost Benefit Analysis Worksheet
*RQ BC 1005 RPM and PQI Subcommittee
RQ BC 1006 Performance Measures
*RQ BC 1007 CARES Consumer Access to Records
RQ BC 1008 Contracting Procedure

Human Resource
OP HR 1000 Employee Recognition Program